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Letters of Support


Letters of support require the time and expertise of CCCS staff and members of the CCCS Board of Directors. In addition, they may require the active participation of the CCCS Executive or Board members in various roles (e.g., Knowledge User, as a co-applicant) and/or in-kind support from the CCCS to engage in dissemination or Knowledge Translation-related activities. Consequently, this policy serves to clarify who is eligible to receive a letter of support from the CCCS.

We will provide letters of support under the following circumstances:

1.    Nominated Principal Investigator (NPI) or acting NPI must be a CCCS member in good standing (membership dues paid to date). In the event that there are two or more nominated co-principal investigators both NPIs must be CCCS members in good standing.

This specification applies to all NPIs including allied health members, undergraduate and graduate students, and trainees as they are able to join the CCCS and access member privileges at a discounted rate.

These requirements are irrespective of whether or not collaborators or coinvestigators are CCCS members.

2.     The project is relevant to critical care, and of interest to CCCS members.

3.    The CCCS requests acknowledgment in presentations and publications resulting from the project if funded.

4.    The Lead for the project (or designate) will work with the Directors of the Clinical and Knowledge Translation committees as part of their integrated KT plan. This could be integrated in the grant.

5.    When the results of the study are available or published, the investigator will arrange for a summary of findings to also be created in French for patients, families and/or Clinicians. These results will be shared on the CCCS website and social media outlets.

6.    The request should include a draft of the letter.

    Note:    All inquiries will undergo a review from the CCCS Executive and Chair of the Scientific Committee and      require 14 days minimum to complete the review process.

    Updated: March 09, 2023

    Please email all individual requests to

    Letters of Support


    Ms. Marie-Maxime Bergeron, Ms. Laurie Proulx, and Dr. Manoj Lalu - Patient Partner's Research in Sepsis [Sepsis Canada]

    Dr. Alexis Turgeon, Dr. Ryan Zarychanski, Dr. Francois Lauzier, Dr. Shane English, Dr. Lynne Moore, & Dr. Park - BRAINapt Application

    Dr. Jennifer Tsang - Precision Medicine for Community Acquired Pneumonia (PM-CAP) Feasibility and Pilot Study

    Dr. Rebecca Mathew - LOTUS - CS

    Dr. Kirsten Fiest - Understanding the effects of visitation policies on critically ill patient


    Dr. Bram Rochwerg - CORT-E2 Randomized Controlled Trial

    Dr. Eddy Fan - LOTUS-IMV Grant

    Dr. Jennifer Tsang - Precision Medicine for Community Acquired Pneumonia (PM-CAP)

    Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) - CCCTG Network of COVID-19 Clinical Trials Network

    Dr. Kim Lewis  - inDEX Trial

    Dr. Ryan Zarychanski & Dr. Emily Rimmer  - Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Septic Shock

    Dr. Alexis Turgeon, Dr. Ryan Zarychanski, Dr. Francois Lauzier, & Dr. Shane English - Clinical Trials Project: BRAINapt

    Dr. Andrea Simpson & Dr. Eddy Fan  - Data Analysis Using Existing Databases

    Dr. Hannah Wunsch & Dr. Hayley Gershengorn - Canadian Critical Care Staffing to Inform Current Policy and Future Need

    Dr. Angela Cheung - Canadian Post COVID-19 Condition Research Network Opportunity


    Dr. Kirsten Fiest - Partnering with families of critically ill patients to detect, prevent and manage delirium

    Dr. Karen Burns - LEADS Pilot Trial

    Dr. Edward Clark - Development of Canadian Guidelines for the Evidence-Based Use of Albumin in Patients Receiving Kidney Replacement Therapy

    Dr. Julie Turgeon & Prof. Charles Weijer - Pilot Study to Explore Ethical Issues and Stakeholder Trust in the Use of Normothermic Regional Perfusion in Organ Donation in Canada


    Dr. Alexis Turgeon & Dr. Ryan Zarychanski - Anticoagulation and Convalescent Plasma ICU Trial

    Dr. Karen Burns - Chair Award in Sex and Gender Science

    Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) - COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding


    Dr. Shawn Bagshaw - OXY-ICU Trial

    Dr. Jeanna Parsons Leigh & Dr. Thomas Stelfox - Evaluation Grant on Improving Transitions in Care in the Critically Ill

    Dr. Thomas Stelfox - Foundation Grant on Improving Transitions in Care in the Critically Ill

    Dr. Bram Rochwerg - FISSH: Fluids in Septic Shock: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Dr. Jennifer Tsang - Developing a Canadian Community ICU Research Network (CCIRNet)

    Dr. Jennifer Tsang - CIHR Early Career Investigator Award Application

    Dr. Karen Burns - Chair Award in Sex and Gender Science Application

    Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng - Who is likely to benefit from ICU care? Providing evidence on the balance between intensive and palliative care

    Dr. Jeanna Parsons Leigh - Gender Equity in Critical Care Medicine

    Dr. Shane English & Dr. Alexis Turgeon - The Optimal Brain Oxygenation in NICU Patients Study (NeurO2 Study)

    Dr. Alexis Turgeon & Dr. Ryan Zarychanski - Anticoagulation and Convalescent Plasma ICU Trial


    Dr. Lisa Burry & Dr. Hannah Wunsch - Evaluating “new” sedative use following intensive care admission in sedative-na├»ve elderly patients (SNOW-FALL)

    Dr. Dan Diven - Prioritization of Evidence-based Best Practices for Adoption & De-adoption in Adult Critical Care Medicine

    Dr. John Marshall - The Canadian Adaptive Platform Trial in Intensive Care (CAPTIC)

    Dr. Lauralyn McIntyre - Crystalloid FLUID Choices for Resuscitation of Hospitalized Patients: A Pragmatic Cluster Cross Over Trial

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